Hohenstein is the world’s leading provider of textile and textile-related testing and innovation services. The name Hohenstein has established itself internationally as a clever and smart brand. It is one of the initiators of OEKO-TEX® association. The first and foremost work involves testing and certification of textiles. The Hohenstein Institute was established at Bönnigheim, Germany in 1946. Hohenstein Institute Bangladesh has been certifying textile industries in Bangladesh by the motive to ensure ecologically safe textile industries. It was founded by Mr. Md. Kamruzzaman Kamrul (Regional Chief Advisor – South-East Asia). Hohenstein Institute of Eight countries in South-East Asia is run by his instructions. Hohenstein Institute Bangladesh certifies textile industries including readymade garments, accessories & leather industries in Bangladesh.

Hohenstein Institute Bangladesh has intended to implement an inventory management system for its laboratory to run the day to day operation efficiently. For maintaining laboratory items from receive to end usages i.e. used in consumption. The Laboratory IMS has the system to capture a multi-user inventory management system which would have certain functionalities that will make it possible for receiving, tracking and release of the laboratory materials of Hohenstein-BD Laboratories.The Laboratory IMS consists of all stock functions which include - Receive, Requisition, Issue & Adjustment. Though these functions stock position of commodities at different sites can be monitored from a single web-based portal.