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    Monitoring of logistics and patient indicators

    Sierra Leone Dashboard

    Dashboard shows selected national and regional indicators which help
    decision makers to identify stockout and overstock.
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    Summary indicators for quick decision making

    Sierra Leone National Reports

    Data from 1000+ facilities and hundreds of warehouses are automatically summarized to
    generate national and regional level reports - readily available for decision making.
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    Detailed indicators for facility level

    Sierra Leone Facility Reports

    Granular monitoring of logistics and patient data from 1000+ facilities can be
    monitored from central and regional level for taking quick decisions.

Sierra Leone Pharmaceutical Dashboard

Sierra Leone Pharmaceutical Dashboard is an enhanced information display platform optimizing the use of existing stock management, dispensing and continuous performance system. This in turn ensures availability of data from each health facility and supply structure. The dashboard provides access to stock status and consumption information that provides forecasting and timely procurement using national and donor resources. The system also serves as an early warning system that contributes to averting stock-outs, avoiding emergency procurements and ensuring uninterrupted supply of all key products. SoftWorks worked with SIAPS Sierra Leone and MoHS staff to develop and implement the dashboard in Sierra Leone health system.

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