MSH sub-contracted SoftWorks in 2015 to develop and implement a web-based Pharmaceutical Management Information Dashboard, for the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS). SoftWorks also developed Facility Electronic Stock Card (FESC) tool which is used in all major hospitals for stock management in Namibia. Mobile Electronic Dispensing Tool (mEDT) was running in clinics and outreaches of Namibia health system for dispensing to ART patients, with some difficulties. SIAPS reached out to SoftWorks again in Sept 2017 to redesign the mEDT tool to run on tablets and mobile phones to improve user experience.

SoftWorks working with the SIAPS Namibia team and the technical counterparts from MoHSS, to customize and adapt the already developed OSPSIDA and OSPSANTE dashboards to deploy this pharmaceutical commodity management tool and e-Early Warning System (e-EWS) for HIV/AIDS medicines and other essential medicines for Namibia.

To provide technical assistance to the Namibian MoHSS to implement a patient and pharmaceutical commodity information management dashboard. Based on the available information, the proposed Dashboard will consist of two modules –

ART Dashboard:

The Dashboard will allow data entry and upload of ART Monthly Report at the end of each month. There are 3 possible way to get the monthly report from health facility into Dashboard –

  • ‘Patient Reports’ can be automatically generated from NDB EDT databases and uploaded every month.
  • Every month EDT facilities submit an ART Monthly Report in Excel format; this report can be uploaded to the dashboard.
  • Dashboard will have direct entry options.

From warehouses there are two possible ways to get data into dashboard –

  • Warehouses can upload their monthly stock status from their monthly Excel report.
  • The Dashboard will also have option of direct entry of monthly stock status.

Pharmaceuticals Dashboard:

The Dashboard should not be considered as a new tool, it is an aggregator of all the logistics and patient related data available under MOHSS Namibia – to be available and accessible under a single platform useful for decision making. Some of the benefits of the systems are:

  • Provides data analysis and enhances reporting
  • Adaptability - No additional workload to health workers and national level; adaptable to current reporting system
  • Accessibility – Easy and timely access to data and reports
  • Quantification, Shipment, Inventory and Consumption data used to determine the risk of stock out
  • Coordination - Tool to enhance coordination among key players including Central Medical Store, National programs and Donors/Partners
  • Tool for redistribution of stock to minimize wastage and reduce risk of stock out – to save lives
  • Opportunity for trend analysis to identify patterns associated increased risk of stock out, so that strategies are put in place to mitigate
  • Timely generation of monthly commodity and patient reports
  • Enhance accountability
  • Enhance consistency in patient and commodity data used for planning and decision making
  • Promptly make management responses. Data on availability of commodities is used for timely decision-making. The timely submission of monthly commodity reports including stock-out reports.
  • Reduction in transcription errors – data accuracy

The Dashboard will cover the following functions –

  • Data entry/upload of ART Monthly Report from EDT sites
  • Maintain stock card electronically at health facility stores
  • Upload/entry of Pharmaceutical Monthly LMIS Report from health facilities
  • Generation & upload of Order Book from each health facility electronic stock card module
  • Will automatically calculate Average Monthly Consumption (AMC) and Month of Stock (MOS) for commodities at each health facility as well as nationally
  • Generate facility level, regional level and national level stock and patient reports
  • Generate customized reports from NDB data
  • Allow management of basic data – product groups, products, regimens, health facilities, users, roles, permissions etc.
  • Data exchange with EDT, NDB, Syspro & EPMS

Technology used:

PHP, MySQL, Joomla, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, D3, ExtJS, HighCharts, Leaflet

End user:

Ministry of Health & Social Services, Namibia



Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has been awarded the USAID Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) program, which will run from September 23rd 2011 to January 2017. The goal of SIAPS is to assure the availability of quality pharmaceutical products and effective pharmaceutical services to achieve desired health outcomes. In support to the implementation of SIAPS program, MSH is joined by five core partners and six specialized resource partners including VillageReach.