The project is to completely redesign Inter....Guide software which was developed using DBase III and ColdFusion. The software package consists of developing two desktop software and one web site with periodic data sync among the tools. The Inter...Guide collects and maintains historical drug prices all around the world and is used as a reference guide by thousands of users from around the globe.

The International Drug Price Indicator Guide, the document produced in part with this software, provides an indication of generic drug prices on the international market. Updated annually, it contains prices based on the current price lists from drug suppliers and procurement agencies, as well as actual prices obtained through international competitive bidding. The Guide is an indispensable reference for drug supply officers, essential drug program managers, and others involved in the procurement of pharmaceuticals.

The current DOS software application used for the Guide’s data entry is composed of 16 separate database tables. The drug/item prices are entered manually from a variety of sources into the software and using that data and the reports generated, those prices are converted into a common currency (U.S. dollars) for comparison. The pack prices are also converted to the lowest common denominator (e.g., a tablet, milliliter, or vial) via the product’s manually entered definition to permit direct price comparisons. In addition to reporting individual prices, the median, average, highest, and lowest price, and highest/lowest ratio for each drug or item, are calculated, as well as the number of prices for that drug or item. SoftWorks need to working closely with the MSH team to:

  • Develop data entry software to enter drug and price data and allow data output into several formats: print, web, file exports of results.
  • Redesign and update the International Drug Price Indicator Guide website (and its database).
  • Select or develop software to manage the explanatory text of the Guide.

Technology used:

PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Bootstrap




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