Development of Bonded Goods Inventory Management and Equipment Tracking System of Nassah Logistics Services Limited. Euroget De Invest S.A. signed contract with the Government of Ghana to finance and construct nine (9) hospitals for the Ministries of Health and Defence. The Logistics service support for the project has been subcontracted to Nassah Logistics and have to setup an international standard holding warehouse for port to destination holdings and delivery. Nassah's job is to receive equipment and materials, hold in stock where or transport direct to the site.

To handle the operation efficiently this SCMS documents collection and inventory and tracking software system has developed. The system is able to manage and track all items to the point of delivery to site. This system is captured all information on equipment and materials in transit right from the point of supplier to delivery to shipper, the arrival at the Tema Point, transportation to Transit Warehouse and follow on to the delivery to sites of construction. Once contracts are signed we expect to get information on each contract in respect of quantities of the items, country of origin, values, etc. to enter the information on the platform and the following up reports can be generated:

  • Shippers information
  • Description of equipment and materials
  • Equipment and materials origin
  • Package Tracking code information based on origination
  • Handling requirement
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Warehouse location and Handling, Storage,
  • Protection from loss and damage

The SCMS provide access to all stakeholders, including Suppliers and Contractors, where necessary in order to have a common platform and information.

Technology used:

PHP, MySQL, Joomla, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, Leaflet


Nassah Logistics Services Ltd.