UK based TMA Systems Limited outsourced the development of NDT Certificate Management System to SoftWorks. SoftWorks assisted TMA Systems earlier to maintain two already developed software of Intertek named Training Log and Equipment Log. Based on the smooth functioning of the above two projects, TMA Systems decided to work with SoftWorks again.

Development of the IMS software rewrite, upgrade for efficient management of IMS - Invoicing of Intertek, UK. The main objective of the project is to allow IMS to become more efficient with a faster database access to evaluate quickly.

  • Transfer Programming Language from Delphi 2007 to Microsoft .NET C#;
  • Convert Database from Paradox to SQL Server 2012;
  • Main Features of IMS to be incorporated in new project;
  • The revamp will use many of the current forms and flow. Only the utilities table will be migrated.


The following will be improved or added -

  • Login with unique passwords
  • Management Security Levels
  • To create PDF certificates
  • Email option

Major revamp of certificates which will mean moving away from excel templates and use up to 20 certificates templates/forms. The current methods of populating excel certificates template will remain.


Intertek, UK

Technology used:

.NET, C#, SQL Server 2012, DevExpress