In Oct 2016, SoftWorks Managing Director visited Mali to provide support to Mali MoH to include Ebola commodities in the OSPSANTE tool, support SIAPS/Mali team to conduct three days Orientation on the HIV & AIDS and nutrition portal. He also conducted technical training to DPM/ANTIM team on OSPSANTE management.

In May 2015, SIAPS designed and rolled out a web based dashboard in 1,200 facilities in Mali to collect, analyze, and disseminate commodities data and patients information for malaria, family planning, and maternal and child health on real time in order to mitigate stock out and expiry. Since its implementation, the dashboard has been very effective for commodities management and has improved coordination among all program managers. Because of this success, all stakeholders requested that HIV/ AIDS and nutrition commodities be included in the OSPSANTE tool.

On March 11, 2016, the SIAPS team had a half-day workshop with participants from CSLS/MSHP, DPM, DSR/DNS, PPM, UGP/PNUD, nutrition program and USAID to finalize ART and nutrition program requirements. In August 2016, SoftWorks finalized the development of the HIV/AIDS and nutrition specific portal.