OSPSIDA transitioned to WAHO and Cameroon

SoftWorks was contracted to finalize OSPSIDA and conduct orientation to system managers of West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) and equip them to maintain OSPSIDA dashboard for West Africa. The task also include copy OSPSIDA and transferring to Cameroon server. SoftWorks Managing Director Mahmudul Islam visited Burkina Faso and Cameroon to conduct both of the trainings.

The US Agency for International Development’s West Africa office (USAID/WA) has requested the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program, implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to provide support to six countries in the West and Central Africa region – Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, Guinea, Niger, and Togo – to establish a web-based regional dashboard ( to set an early warning system (EWS) to monitor HIV and AIDS commodities so as to detect and minimize the risk of stock-out in the focus countries.

In pursuant of this objective and also to ensure local ownership and long-term sustainability, West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) has been involved since the inception of the project and has provided useful inputs during the project design phase and during its official launch held in Accra in April 2014. However, for the long-term sustainability of the Dashboard and in an effort to support WAHO’s strategy of setting up security stock for West African Countries, it is necessary to transfer the Dashboard to WAHO’s Essential Medicines and Vaccines Program as the final home.

Since 2014, SIAPS has worked with Cameroon National AIDS Control Committee (NACC) to implement OSPSIDA and capacitated the relevant staff at central and regional levels to have a comprehensive tool that would bring visibility and transparency to HIV-supplies management. Despite difficulties encountered, currently OSPSIDA is properly implemented in the four supported PEPFAR Regions, which corresponds to the ARV needs of around 70% of the total patients on treatment countrywide. During the past months, SIAPS and Cameroon NACC have discussed possible solutions to maintain the tool after the closeout of SIAPS in Ghana and in Cameroon. It has been agreed that the administration of the tool will be transferred to NACC. In-country technical support is required to ensure that the hosted system continues to be operational.

The project objectives include some adjustments in OSPSIDA requested and proposed by different countries using the tool as well as transition of the tool to WAHO and Cameroon. The activities under the SOW includes -

  • Country/Region specific customizations and change requests
  • Addition of new countries
  • New Reports and analysis tools
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building
  • Update all documentation and user guides
  • Create a specific instance for Cameroon
  • Change existing home page contents, edit existing site to create Cameroon specific logins, menu, selections and data
  • Connect instance to domain name Update user registration processes ; data visualizations including google maps integrate and test new domain
  • Transfer domain and site to Cameroon stakeholders

OSPSIDA customization completed by June 2016. User Guide and Technical Guide were updated which were used during handover training. OSPSIDA web site copied and transferred to WAHO web server by 2nd week of Aug 2016. Conducted 2 days training to WAHO technical staff at WAHO head-quarters at Bobo-Diaoulasso during 3rd week of Aug 2016. Copied OSPSIDA and adjusted for Cameroon by 15th July 2016. On 20-21st Aug 2016 copied the OSPSIDA web site and conducted testing of data entry and reporting in the new web site. User Guide and Technical Guide were updated which were used during handover training. Conducted 2 and half day training to Comité National de Lutte contre le SIDA (CNLS) staff on 22-24th Aug 2016 at Yaounde, Cameroon.