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    AMS National Dashboard

    Asset Management System Dashboard

    Dashboard shows selected national and regional indicators which help
    decision makers to identify stockout and overstock.
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    Asset identification and QR Code

    Every asset is marked with a QR Code which contains
    major information about the equipment

    Data from facilities & warehouses are automatically summarized to
    generate national and regional level reports - readily available for decision making.

Asset Management System

The Asset Management System (AMS) is a web based tool which simplifies assets monitoring of an organization. The AMS is a system which has a wide range of features to manage and tracking the asset from its procurement planning stage to decommissioning and accessible to the decision-makers at various levels in the organization and stakeholders. The AMS will contain a searchable database of all past and present assets list, location, suppliers, donor, procuring entities of procured assets.

  • URL: https://scmpbd.org
  • Client: MTaPS, MSH
  • End-User: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Bangladesh
  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Joomla, JavaScript, JSON, GeoJSON, Hicharts, D3, Bootstrap