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    ECSA TB Dashboard

    Dashboard shows selected national and regional indicators which help
    decision makers to identify stockout and overstock.
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    ECSA TB National Reports

    Data from health facilities and warehouses are automatically summarized to
    generate national and regional level reports - readily available for decision making.
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    ECSA TB Facility Reports

    Granular monitoring of supply chain and patient data from health facilities can be
    monitored from central and regional level for taking quick decisions.

ECSA TB Supply Chain Portal

MSH, through Challenge TB project, has finalized an electronic platform that will be used to capture, collate, and create reports to disseminate TB commodities supply chain information including stock status, pipeline monitoring and selected supply chain key performance indicators (KPIs). SoftWorks have been awarded the contract to develop the portal. After the portal have been developed, two member team from MSH and SoftWorks visited Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and training to the country Ministry of Health staff and collect feedback. They also trained ECSA staff to get their feedback to finalize the tool. The portal has been finalized and ready for rollout in ECSA member countries.

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