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    Web based inventory management for Hohenstein Laboratory Bangladesh


Hohenstein-BD intend to implement an inventory management system for its laboratory efficiently with an automated software system for maintaining laboratory items from receive to end usages i.e. used in consumption. The proposed system will be able to manage and track all laboratory store items to the point of receive to use in production, transfer to other store, provision receive, return etc. The basic features include:

  • Consignment information
  • Item list with unit of measurement (Primary/Secondary unit)
  • Lot management
  • Management of per Unit Purchase Cost
  • ssue again Requisition (Job no. wise)
  • Store Ledger functionality
  • Monthly transaction reports
  • Forecasting of Re-order level calculation/alert option
  • Client: Hohenstein Laboratory Bangladesh
  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Joomla, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, D3, ExtJS, HighCharts, Leaflet, Bootstrap