• kenburns1
    Monitoring of logistics and patient indicators

    OSPSANTE Dashboard

    Dashboard shows selected national and regional indicators which help
    decision makers to identify stockout and overstock.
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    Summary indicators for quick decision making

    OSPSANTE National Reports

    Data from 1000+ facilities and hundreds of warehouses are automatically summarized to
    generate national and regional level reports - readily available for decision making.
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    Detailed indicators for facility level

    OSPSANTE Facility Reports

    Granular monitoring of logistics and patient data from 1000+ facilities can be
    monitored from central and regional level for taking quick decisions.


The Outil de Suivi des Produits de Sante (OSPSANTE) is a web based dashboard for managing essential health commodities logistics and patient information under a single platform. The dashboard was developed utilizing USAID fund supported by SIAPS Program and implemented in Mali. The goal of the Dashboard is to capture, track, aggregate, and disseminate information about Malaria, FP, MCH, HIV & Nutrition commodities to support evidence based decision making. This helps to better plan for medicines distribution and predict stock-outs, thereby reducing wastage and ensuring the availability of essential medicines.

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