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    International Medical Products Price Guide
    Repository of historical drug prices from all around the world.

International Medical Products Price Guide:

The International Medical Products Price Guide provides an indication of generic drug prices on the international market. Updated annually, it contains prices based on the current price lists from drug suppliers and procurement agencies, as well as actual prices obtained through international competitive bidding. The Guide is an indispensable reference for drug supply officers, essential drug program managers, and others involved in the procurement of pharmaceuticals. The guide is maintained by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a US based NGO. The guide consists of a desktop-based data entry software, a web site and an offline desktop software to be downloaded and used by health professionals.

Price Guide Data Entry Software

This is the software which the Guide's editors use to manually enter data received from price sources. The software has one click option to generate backup to be uploaded to the Guide's web site.

Price Guide Data Entry Software

Guide Web Site

The web site receives updated price information every year from data entry software. The web site currently has 19 years of data.

Offline version

An offline version of Price Guide will be developed which will be downloaded by any health professional to use the price information without internet access.

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