SIAPS Guinea planned to introduce an electronic tool for aggregating the routine data from the paper based LMIS in order to facilitate their processing and better show the improvement bring through that LMIS by the end of the SIAPS Program in Guinea. To reach that objective, the SIAPS Office of Guinea contracted SoftWorks to develop a LMIS dashboard, similar to the one that has been developed in Mali, to be used internally as an electronic aggregating tool for LMIS reports.

The following are the specific tasks to be performed –

  • Setup an online instance of the dashboard for Guinea
  • Review reporting formats of integrated LMIS of Guinea.
  • Review the LMIS SOP to understand distribution and information flow
  • Review the country office requirements in terms of information needs
  • Configure the online instance of the dashboard for Guinea based on the documents reviewed
  • Demonstrate draft LMIS Dashboard and collect feedback.
  • Train 3 SIAPS local staffs to manage the dashboard (on-line training)
  • Consult with stakeholders to finalize the dashboard input & reporting requirements (Depending on the status of the eLMIS project, that point may require a trip in country)
  • Provide 3rd level support, remotely, until the end of September 2017.