South Africa NDOH Dashboard delivered

SoftWorks started working on the National Department of Health Pharmaceutical Service Management Dashboard for South Africa in March 2016 and completed by mid-July 2016. Provincial users received training at end of July 2016 and currently using the software for pharmaceutical service monitoring.

The National Department of Health (NDOH) in South Africa identified the need to implement a systematic method of monitoring aspects of pharmaceutical service delivery at a provincial level that support patients’ access to medicines. It was decided to develop a set of norms and standards to be displayed on dashboard, thus providing a framework to foster transparency and accountability within pharmaceutical services at a provincial level. With support from the USAID funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS), the NDOH Directorate: Affordable Medicines embarked on an initiative commencing in October 2013 to establish a set of minimum norms and standards. These norms and standards are presented on the National Department of Health Pharmaceutical Services Management Dashboard. The performance of pharmaceutical services at a provincial level is monitored routinely against the norms and standards developed. Each of the standards is underpinned by indicators and data element(s) for tracking progress towards achieving the standards. These norms and standards are reviewed and refined periodically by the National Department of Health, in consultation with Heads of Pharmaceutical Services and other relevant stakeholders.

Previously, the National Department of Health pharmaceutical services dashboard is managed using a set of tools consisting of two spreadsheets - the Provincial data entry form and NDOH Pharmaceutical Services Dashboard supported by a Microsoft Word® based data dictionary.

In an effort to streamline the reporting process and address the limitations, the National Department of Health intended to develop a web-based platform for collecting, collating, analysing and presenting the Pharmaceutical Services Management Dashboard. To that effect, SIAPS contracted SoftWorks to develop the web based dashboard for the NDOH.

The project started on 22nd March 2016 with a Skype call. Timeline was very strict but even then dashboard development completed in time and hands-on training was conducted in South Africa in last week of July 2016. First version of User Guide shared during training. Final user Guide and Technical Guide was shared in Sept 2016. All the project deliverables have been completed in time.

Technology used:

PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, D3, HighCharts


MSH/SIAPS South Africa